What We Can Accomplish When Healthy

Medicine and technology bring us health and help us accomplish amazing feats.  A perfect example is Douglas Cairns’ story.

Douglas Cairns announced plans to fly to the North Pole in April.  The amazing part – he has Type 1 diabetes!

Losing his military fast-jet flying career when he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 25, Cairns didn’t give up his love of flying.  In 2003, he flew Diabetes World Flight (DWF), the first round-the-world flight by a licensed pilot with Type 1 Diabetes, raising $26,000 for diabetes research.  Now, with health in hand, he is looking to break new records with this endeavor.

Thanks to changes to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rules in 1997, type 1 diabetics can fly as long as they regularly monitor their blood sugar before and during flights, and take corrective actions when levels fall outside a safe zone.

Cairns is an inspiration – showing us what we can do, pushing past limitations we think might ground us.


Learn more about Cairns at his website: www.diabetesworldflight.com/

Another post will discuss Type 1 Diabetes but you can learn more about this auto-immune disease and research to find a cure, new medicines, and new technologies at www.jdrf.org.


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