Donate Life

April is National Donate Life Month – honoring and celebrating the hundreds of thousands of donors and recipients whose lives have been affected by organ, eye and tissue donation.  And also encouraging those who have not either designated themselves as a donor or had a discussion with their loved ones about being a donor to do so.

Transplantation saves lives.  Unfortunately, there is a huge need for organs.

Anyone can donate regardless of age, race or medical history.  Some believe myths that if emergency personnel find out you have elected to be a donor, they won’t work hard to save your life.  Truly, organ, eye, and tissue donation will only be considered if you pass.  Furthermore, Donate Life America lets us know that “through the entire donation process the body is treated with care, respect, and dignity.”

Click to find a local contact in your state to find out how to become a donor.  It’s not that difficult and many states allow you to note your donation decision on your driver’s license – which is designated by a heart on my driver’s license.  You can also register as a donor at or at

A few stats (which you know I love):

  • 110,541 Patients Waiting
  • 60,758 Multicultural Patients
  • 1,785 Pediatric Patients
  • 28,663 Organ Transplants Performed in 2010
  • 14,502 Organ Donors in 2010

Please Become a Donor


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