The POOP Project

My friend Shawn is one of the funniest and most talented people I know. Not too long ago, he started the POOP Project (

POOP here stands for Peoples Own Organic Power.  Sure poop makes everyone uncomfortable (you’re talking to someone who rarely says that word and hates having to face it with the kids she babysits) but he has a great point!

Here’s the gist:

Shawn “the Puru” Shafner is an artist, theatre-maker and educator who started The POOP Project in April 2010 to generate public conversations about our often private business, and encourage people to re-examine their relationship to the bodily function that dare not speak its name.  Shawn and The POOP Project team aim to break through the thick walls of euphemism, utilizing public performances and art exhibitions, educational workshops, advocacy and community projects to create “poop positive” space where it never was before. We believe that a positive re-evaluation of this most basic act can have major ramifications on the way we think about and treat our bodies, our environment, and our global communities.

Just this weekend, he presented and the video can be found on the website or at

Please watch this!  This is super interesting and pretty fun.  Once you watch it – share it!

I admire him for what he is doing.


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