Costs of Care Video – What if your hotel bill were like a hospital bill

Please see the blog post on the Costs of Care blog for the background on this video.  I wanted to post the video here as I think it does a great job of bringing to light the absurdity of hospital care.  Most who end up in a hospital do not “let” anyone take care of them, they NEED and MUST have care.  The doctors and nurses and staff are doing their best job to treat the patient.  And the goal is to get them physically well before leaving.  When the doctor decides to release you, you’re told your better.  But truly you are only part way there.  In the healing process that comes after hospitalization, you face the destructive forces of finances that are irreparably affected by your need for care whether you have insurance or not.

As I said in a previous post, we discuss the cost of care to society by not the affordability of care to the individual.  The costs of care for each individual are staggering and life altering.

Now, as this video parodies, what if an overnight stay in a hotel were like a stay in the hospital?  We would never accept it.

While the law is changing to ostensibly address “costs,” I have a fear that none of the ideas thus far proposed will really make health care more affordable or transparent.  Focusing on patient satisfaction, developing accountable care organizations, implementing health information technology, will change the landscape of care delivery but NOT affordability and the cost to individuals – the costs to live.


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