Patient Portals Article in Houston Family Magazine

I strongly believe that we can realize health as a human right and that we can do so using technology such as patient portals. In a well written article – The Doctor is In (Online) – by Sara G. Stephens in Houston Family Magazine, this belief was reiterated. The following is a snippet of my interview with Stephens. I hope the small contribution of a few words can help contribute to create changes we need. I thank Stephens for her helping my voice and view be heard.

“Ideally, I would love patients to be able to track any and all information they want to in a patient portal or PHR. This information would be transmitted to all their caregivers over health information exchanges. Alerts would pop up if there is something a patient reports that needs immediate attention, perhaps through an e-visit. The next time a patient went to any doctor (primary care or specialist or even mental health providers) or went to the hospital, this information would be available. The providers will then have not just a snapshot of a person’s health, but the full picture and can then engage in a meaningful discussion with their patients, using the most of the short time these providers have for a visit. I also envision patients from every part of the globe having access to these technologies, ensuring that everyone has access to health care. If the poorest countries were able to engage in e-visits and other telemedicine capabilities, the impact would be unimaginably huge. And I think all of this is possible.”


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