Askimo TV Interviews on Health Law and Policy

I was recently asked to give a series of expert interviews for Askimo on various subjects in health law and policy.  Askimo provides three main services:  it is a free library of 4-10 minute interviews with experts from around the globe, speaking on issues about which they are most knowledgeable. It could be a tax law or a medical disease — knowledge that is practical and can help in daily life.

“I like knowledge,” said David Butnaro, owner of Askimo, based in Tel Aviv, Israel, and soon to have an office in Maryland.  He describes Askimo as “a cross between Wikipedia and TED.”  Currently, the platform has close to 3,000 videos in its library in languages ranging from English to Hebrew to French; 60 percent are in English.

I really enjoyed this opportunity to translate complicated health law and policy subjects and introduce some new ideas like ePatients (I hope I did all ePatients justice) to the world.  Who knows how this knowledge will impact someone’s life.

Below are links to these interviews.

Note – I look forward to the Supreme Court’s decision in FTC v. Actavis after oral arguments this Monday, March 25, 2013, exploring the legality of Pay-For-Delay Settlements.

I also look forward to the Supreme Court’s Decision in Myriad Genetics which will discusses the patentability of the BRCA-1 and-2 genes and the processes to test for them as discussed in “Genetic Patenting” above.


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