T1International and Rights of People with Type 1 Diabetes

T1International advocates for #insulin4all – an endeavor to ensure all of those with diabetes have access to the medicine, healthcare, and education they need to thrive.  I had the distinct pleasure of helping T1International develop a document explaining the human rights aspects for those with diabetes.  I was quite honored to be asked to offer my human rights law background to outline the various organizations and documents that make up our right to health and to insulin.

T1International stands apart from other organizations in their integrity.  While many national and international organizations take money from drug companies and only their “advocacy” efforts fail to really help those in need, T1International sees a bigger picture.  They see that these conflict of interests skirt the access issues in America and Europe as well as the issues facing many around the world (including Nigeria, Tanzania, Fiji, and many others).

They have published many great resources in addition to the rights document I helped with (found below) including:

And most importantly they are collecting signatures as part of a Type 1 Diabetes Access Charter.

I hope those who can will get involved with this great organization and keep bringing attention to the need to ensure health as a human right and #insulin4all.

Below I’ve posted the document of the Rights of People Living with Type 1 Diabetes.  You can find the original document and download it on the T1International site here.






*I am listed as a volunteer for T1International but this post is not sponsored by the organization.


2 Responses to T1International and Rights of People with Type 1 Diabetes

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