Advance Directives and Life After Death

May 18, 2018

In America and in many cultures around the world, death is a taboo subject. People do not like to think about death or the options for care should they be incapacitated. Yet these are incredibly important topics to have with friends and family and to plan for ahead of time.

As I update my Advance Directives in preparation for surgery next week, I want to go over some of the basics of Advance Directives and body donation after death (for transplant or to science). And I’d encourage anyone over the age of 18 to consider having Advance Directives whether facing a medical event or not.

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It is Okay to Be Angry

February 2, 2018

Anger in healthcare is often justified though usually disparaged.  It is an emotion that is considered “negative” and “uncivil.” In a culture still stuck on positivity and “choosing to be happy” it’s an emotion that is shunned.  People turn away from anger, afraid or disgusted by this unruly emotion. But perhaps we should turn into anger if we really want to change healthcare.

Anger is rightfully feared. Anger can lead to rage. Anger can hurt others. Anger can destroy.

Anger is often suppressed held in until it boils over, erupting and affecting everyone in its wake.

Anger is not pretty.  Anger is hard to confront – no one wants to look directly at it.

Yet anger, like any emotion, needs to be expressed.  Anger is real and valid just as sadness or happiness.

It is okay to be angry.

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Dear Friends

December 22, 2017

A thank you to those who are here and those that stayed; an apology to those I lost.

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The Burden of Disease

October 9, 2017

The burden of disease.

The cost to society.

That is how my life is measured – in dollars and cents.

It plays out in the news and health policy with sensational headlines like: The High Price of Failing America’s Costliest Patients.

And every time I see such a headline, it makes me feel like I am a drain on society.  I am a burden.  My very existence costs society, a detriment to society by these measures.

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Healthcare Does Not Have a Problem With Silos

August 3, 2017

Healthcare does not have a problem with silos.

In fact, there are no silos in healthcare; there are only boundaries.

If we truly want to change healthcare, we need to break boundaries.

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I Won’t Smile

April 24, 2017

“If you smile, I’ll send you to the dean’s office,” my high school philosophy teacher warned me.

It was an exercise, a test to see if I could go an entire day without smiling.

I failed and in front of my peers he picked a fight and sent me to the dean’s office.  A first (and last) for someone who prided themselves on being the perfect student.

And that moment forever changed my life.

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Relationships and Borderline Personality Disorder

February 14, 2016

why are you single


Once upon a time, I had a wonderful cadre of friends. I held game nights and wrote long letters. I sent cards for every holiday and stayed on friend’s couches when they were having a tough time. I strove to ensure that they knew how much I loved them.

Still, I lost many friends. Relationships failed over and over again because of my own actions driven my BPD symptoms. And any attempt I made to date ended in disaster.

I hurt anyone who got too close.

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